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That does look like the people with him are in costume [x]

are you saying.. what are you saying. are you.. no youre not.


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Kurt stands atop a rooftop strung with paper lanterns as music plays. Pure romance. Blaine approaches, singing “Come What May” from Moulin Rouge. Kurt seems torn…

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‘Naked’ Stills


tiny little post-ep to 4x10. Spoilers, obviously. 

It’s half past midnight on the day after Christmas when Kurt tiptoes over to the couch. 

He doesn’t have to try to wake Blaine up. Blane is already awake, staring up with the blankest expression on his face Kurt has ever seen. It’s almost a relief after the strained, too-bright smile he’s been wearing, certainly a relief from the other expression he sees on Blaine - that half-second of almost flinching any time Kurt starts to speak, like he’s terrified of what Kurt will say. 

Blaine turns his head and looks at Kurt and Kurt can see the mask slipping back into place. Blaine has been trying so hard not to put any pressure on Kurt, not to ask for too much. If this were just a normal visit, Kurt might be willing to try and tackle their problems. It isn’t, though. It’s not normal at all, and Kurt feels awful, and right now he just wants something that makes him not feel so bad. He doesn’t want to talk, or explain, or think about anything. 

He closes his fingers around Blaine’s and squeezes gently, then nods toward the bed. It takes a second for Blaine to catch on, but when he does… he sits straight up and his brow furrows and he mouths ‘Are you sure?’ - giving Kurt an out, like he always does. 

Kurt nods and leads Blaine to his bed. They’re both in pajamas, and this might not be the first time they’ve shared a mattress but it’s been a while. (He won’t count that time, he won’t even think about it.) 

"What do you need?" Blaine whispers. Kurt curls in close to him and puts his head on Blaine’s chest. Whatever he asks for, Blaine will give him. No more, no less. 

"Just hold me." Everything else can wait. 

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