Ezra Miller talking about why he identifies as queer part 1

Being gay is not a plot point. It’s not a token that you can say, “Look, we have a gay character! Isn’t that great? Aren’t we awesome?” It’s part of a person and therefore it should be treated as such. It should be one facet of a character rather than the defining description of that character. And I hope that we have, through the writing and the performance of it, we have kind of struck that balance, where the audience learns something more about Cecil and Carlos both, not dependent on their sexuality, but in addition to their sexuality.
      — Cecil Baldwin (via itsacrimescene)
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"it’s unrealistic for EVERY character to be queer" yeah well it’s also unrealistic for EVERY character to be straight & cis. and it’s also unrealistic for giant monsters from another dimension to suddenly attack earth and for a little talking animal to grant girls magical powers and for people to get superpowers from radiation and for some random person to become a pop sensation overnight and do u see where i’m going with this

When I started transition, almost 14 years ago, I imagined, I had this fantasy, that I would start taking hormones and in a few years, I was gonna blend in and no one would ever know that I was trans. I could just live my life undetected. And I knew a lot of trans folks like that, it was presented as the goal of transitioning. 

When I realized that I wasn’t blending in effortlessly, I had to sort of to reevaluate things for myself. I had to begin to think about and I’ve begin to own this transgender thing. It became something that I had to say, "Well, this is who I am." (x)

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 this year in Vancouver they painted rainbow crosswalks for PRIDE, turns out the city loved them so much they are keeping them permanently!

I found out about this and thought it was so cool I had to upload a picture

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The same Hebrew word that is used in Genesis 2:24 to describe how Adam felt about Eve (and how spouses are supposed to feel toward each other) is used in Ruth 1:14 to describe how Ruth felt about Naomi. Her feelings are celebrated, not condemned.

And throughout Christian history, Ruth’s vow to Naomi has been used to illustrate the nature of the marriage covenant. These words are often read at Christian wedding ceremonies and used in sermons to illustrate the ideal love that spouses should have for one another. The fact that these words were originally spoken by one woman to another tells us a lot about how God feels about same-gender relationships.

Ruth loved Naomi as Adam loved Eve

#in your bible #emphasizing your queers

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wtf is with all these people like OMG STOP LETTING YOUR SEXUALITY DEFINE YOU
why cant i let it define me? like if your sexual identity isnt of huge importance to you, no big deal.

but being queer is an enormous part of my identity. in queerness i find freedom. in queerness i find radical self acceptance and a way of expressing myself that i love. queer is beautiful and queer is proud, and i will make being queer as big a part of my self definition as i damn well please.

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a shortie about what I think should be improved when it comes to Pride festivals… visibility for everyone sure would be nice!

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Is there a way to tell your gynecologist that you won’t ever need the pill as a contraceptive without having to tell them you’re gay or lie? I mean, it’s not that I care if people know, but I just feel awkward telling. It sucks when people just assume like that.

Oh, I should tell you that this is a question in hindsight! I was there earlier today and it went well enough other than the discomfort regarding this.


An assignment for Advanced Digital! We were supposed to make a gif portrait of a historical figure. I chose Julie d’Aubigny, 17th century swordsmaster and opera singer, responsible for the deaths of at least ten men in duels, and openly bisexual. After her lover was placed into a convent by the girl’s parents, d’Aubigny took the vows to enter the convent as a novice, then rescued her lover and set the convent on fire to cover their escape. Dang. 

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today my friend said that he was going to do an impersonation of a gay man and i got ready for some homophobic high pitched comment about clothes but instead he just said in the exact same tone without expression “i am attracted to men” 

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Amsterdam is turning rainbow for a visit of the Russian president Putin. The council of the city of Amsterdam has decided to hang out the gay pride flag on all council owned buildings and offices, in protest to Russia’s new anti-gay law.

there’s several of these as well;image

pretty sure Amsterdam is now the sass capital of the world

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