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(By the way, you can follow Sarah on tumblr. Also the President.)

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Muslims and Christians and Jews and atheists gathered together as nerdfighters in a rehabbed monastery in Manchester. 

Olympic gymnast and all-around lovely person Jennifer Pinches hosted Question Tuesday.

I read about the Literal Heart of Jesus while standing in a monastery’s cruciform church right in its Literal Heart of Jesus.

A couple got engaged. (Congratulations Jai and Charlotte, and good luck to you!) 

And a young man asked me to sign a copy of Looking for Alaska that will be buried with his girlfriend.

It was so overwhelming, but thanks for letting me be part of it all.

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My Swedish publisher asked me if I would make a video for them. I was like, “Hell yeah I will.” 

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I’m pretty tired of adults telling me how stupid teens are.
      — John Green, on whether or not his characters are ‘too intelligent’.
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And as they say in my hometown, don’t forget to be awesome That they can’t get your goat if they don’t know where you keep it.

Fine words of wisdom!

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.. And never was Shakespeare more wrong than when he had Cassius note, ‘The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars/But in ourselves’.

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#feelings about bad fictional books#inside of the abandoned fragments of what could have been a good book #some of which turned into an actual good book #that had a good fictional book inside it #that i also have feelings about

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Patrick Star and John Green have the same happy dance




Also similar overall body shapes…

HEY THAT’S MEAN- oh wait you’re john green

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Crash Course Literatur intro.

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SO EXCITING! But I need to write some more for NaNoWriMo first…

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