my new sweetheart!

visiting my brother and tiny little Leah

project of the day

very important cat photo

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eagerly awaiting the movie (at Hagabion)

In preparation for seeing Känn Ingen Sorg later today at Hagabion, we went to one of the film locations. (at Sankta Birgittas Kapell)

waiting in line at Liseberg earlier today

me and one of my work buddies! we were both feeling tired so we let Marcus take over for a while and we rested in the pews instead. 

…which in reality ended up with us taking photos and laughing until we couldn’t breathe. this is one of the saner photos we took.

I’m really staring to get the hang of this wrapping presents thing.

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Here comes the sun, and in turn my crinkled up eyes.

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I was on the floor taking a break from cleaning my room when I noticed how blue the sky is today.

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My reading nest. (Taken with Instagram)

Currently reading Infinite Jest.

Taken with Instagram

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