I’m really staring to get the hang of this wrapping presents thing.

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Here comes the sun, and in turn my crinkled up eyes.

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I was on the floor taking a break from cleaning my room when I noticed how blue the sky is today.

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My reading nest. (Taken with Instagram)

Currently reading Infinite Jest.

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I call this “a tired Amanda waiting for her sister to leave”. (Taken with Instagram)

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Two blankets in progress! (Taken with Instagram)

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It got really windy so I went to the front (prow?) to lay down under two warm blankets.

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For some reason this is how my books end up like nowadays. (Taken with instagram)

First crochet project I’m making for myself! (Taken with instagram)

(Taken with Instagram)

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Happy New Year everyone! x (Taken with instagram)

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current projects (Taken with instagram)

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