5x03 / 5x12

The way they’re so tense in the first one, holding themselves apart from the memorial and clinging to each other. They still can’t believe what has happened, and they’re in shock as much as they are sad. By the second one, the shock is gone, and they’re a definite part of the group that has gathered, but the sadness is so painfully deep, still. 

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I really, really, really want them to play a couple in something. I know I say this all the time, but their chemistry is ridiculous.

Rachel’s face when Kurt says yes

hummelberry + being best friends

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guys, he has to LIVE with her 


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Dear Kurt, I love you so much. You’ve challenged me, inspired me, and taught me the importance of having a signature style. You’re the bravest, truest person I have ever met, and because of you, I’ll never apologize for who I am and how I look. Even with this nose. Thank goodness we’re going to be in New York together because I don’t think I could survive without my best friend and soulmate, which is what you are to me. I love you forever, and see you on Broadway. - Rachel Berry

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Seriously, one of the best moments of the WHOLE episode.

THAT… is characterisation.

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