brittana alphabet
→ E is for eye contact

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I think anything’s possible

So often when Brittana speak to one another they mean so much more than they say When Santana tells Brittany ‘You’re my best friend’ she means nothing more and nothing less than ‘I love you’ so when Brittany replies ‘Yeah me too’ it’s not a grammar mistake; she’s responding to what Santana didn’t say because she knows—Brittany always knows She loves Santana too 

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glee meme | five otps [2/5]
brittany pierce + santana lopez

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When Santana finally said ‘Mami, Papi, I’m gay.

 #And Maribel’s first thought is like oh god please let it be Brittany

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2x22 - 3x21

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top 7 glee ships | santana lopez & brittany s. pierce (brittana)
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