Aim to be as brave as James, as loyal as Sirius, and as smart as Remus. Basically, you should want to be Lily Potter.
      — My brother, giving his neighbor’s kid some life advice. (via apiratecalledav)
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“This is the only thing I’ve got left of ‘em! A picture…a memory!”

457) Lily Evans never once said yes to James Potter asking her out. For upon realising her feelings for him, it was she who was asking him on a date.

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James: We… We actually created this little thing. You and me. We did it. Together. This tiny scrunchy-faced being that is now breathing air and making weird expressions and - and living. We made it, Lily. It’s - it’s - bloody hell - sorry, baby, Dad’s a bit excited - it’s a bloody - here I go again - it’s a miracle.

Lily: [serenely] He really is, isn’t he?

James: What will he eat? Will he play Quidditch? He must play Quidditch. Will he be famous? Well, probably not as famous as his Dad, I mean, I’m pretty well-known for my moves. Chaser moves. Not that my other moves are rusty. I did land the most gorgeous girl at Hogwarts after all. Merlin I hope he’ll be smart like his Mum. And beautiful like his Mum

Lily: James, I’m right here.

James: —and brave like his Mum. I mean, to actually vow to spend the rest of your life with someone like me… Well, little fellow, let me tell you this  completely confidentially, of course  that’s bl— ruddy courageous. You, nameless little creature, will make your silly parents proud one day.

Lily: Harry.

James: Hmm?

Lily: Harry will make us proud one day.

James: [smiling] Indeed he will.