So I had my doctor’s appointment this morning and ugh… (as always you’re all free to not read all of it for any reason!)

I brought my mum, because it makes me feel a lot less anxious about the appointments, but one of the first things my doctor did was to passive aggressively criticise me for bringing her? I don’t know why all of my doctors seem to do this…

I brought my long list of symptoms (which almost made mum laugh because besides the tinnitus she might as well have written the list) and she read it, said she’d seen a billion of these symptoms and kinda… tried writing it off somehow? And started going on one of her “a diagnosis would only bring more pain to your life” tales.

I’ve been going insane the past couple of years because my body won’t cooperate with me and people’s comments have made me think that it must be my fault my body is like this. And when I’ve finally realised that it’s not my fault, and I shouldn’t have to live like this, I’m hit by the wall of unsupportive doctors saying I shouldn’t think of myself as sick. But if I’m not sick, and my body is behaving like this… doesn’t that just bring me back to where I was at the start, where everything is my own fault?

She is so frustrating, because she doesn’t seem to see the reason why I would even want a diagnose of something you can’t really do anything about. Instead of ‘chronic pain’ she always says that I’m ‘a kind of person who easily is in pain’, and she wants to blame my pain on my mental health, even after I’ve explained I feel a lot better mentally but a lot worse pain-wise.

Even with all the frustration and counterproductivity, I did get referred to a ~health coach who is going to help me to start working out, by finding what kind of exercises that could work for me, and generally cheering me on from what she explained to me? She is also referring me to an occupational therapist who among other things is going to try a paraffin hand treatment on me (where you dip your hands in warm paraffin wax  as a kind of deep heat therapy to help with the pain in my hands).

I got iron supplements because my iron level was at 10. Normally people are somewhere around 70, and the limit for iron deficiency is 9, so… yeah. Hopefully that can help with the fatigue at the very least.

 She said we should wait and see how the iron works out (at least a month) before she contacts the ~Pain Clinic~ but it will take months to get an appointment there so I don’t see why she couldn’t contact them now. We realised this on the way home, so we’re going to call in and ask if she can contact them now instead.

(you’d think that having a mum with Fibro, a grandma with Fibro/EDS and a sister with very similar symptoms would make someone take your chronic pain seriously. ugh.)

When I got home after the appointment I collapsed in bed and slept for three hours. Probably would have slept for longer if mum hadn’t woken me up (because I was going to see The Maze Runner with my sister).

No more spoons left now… and I’m off to call my brother. And later pass out once again. I hope you guys are doing as good as possible. 


Swedishness explained in 3 minutes.

Vill bara dela denna goding

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I’m terrified my doctor won’t take me seriously tomorrow, even with my list of 30+ symptoms.

I’m terrified of possibly never getting a diagnosis. I know my struggle would still be valid but it would help a lot to have a diagnosis.

(Even with 30+ symptoms I can hear the voice in the back of my head telling me to stop whining - this is barely anything - people have it so much worse than you, etc.)

(I’m worried she will put the focus on my mental health, especially if she ends up noticing my new scars)

When brain fog makes me forget words…




I’m here to tell you guys about a film I am completely and utterly psyched for.

As some of you may know, I’m Welsh, and as many more of you know, I’m queer. This film is frighteningly important to me.

Way back in the 1980s under Thatcher’s government, the mining industry was under threat. Pride is the story of the LGBT activists who stepped up to the mark and raised money for mining families despite hostility and oppression. 

The film explores a dated culture and an attitude prevalent even in contemporary society. What’s more, it explores a beautiful union of opposing communities, in a blunt, unashamed, humorous, way.

This film is so important. It’s a true story. It’s fantastic queer representation. And it comes out today. 



Go and watch this film, I beg of you. 

If that doesn’t convince you, it’s even got Andrew Scott. 

Trailer can also be found here. [x]


Welcome to Crash Course BIG HISTORY in which we tell ALL of history. We begin…with the creation of the universe.





Hold the fuck up, Swedish politics just got one million times better

Yeah I quite liked Jonas in that debate.


His face.

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The Schyman Collection

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the sexual tension when u and ur crush are online on fb at the same time and u just stare at their lil green dot

and suddenly you know what gatsby felt like

This is actually the most profound and appropriate literary allusion I’ve encountered so far this week.

oh my god

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NMTD + text posts

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